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"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

Proverbs 16:3

Dorothy, Jennifer, and Jim Samson

Dear Friend,

We've changed our name to Seven Seed Soap Co. Read more here.

Our story began 20 years ago when Dorothy, my mother, was working as a church secretary part time and at a plant nursery as well. The owner's cousin made soap for the plant shop and after the selling season was over, there was an abundance of patchouli plant left over. If you're familiar with patchouli, it's a scent that you either love or hate, and fortunately Dorothy was in the first category. So, the nursery owner and Dorothy decided to try their hand at soapmaking; purchasing their Red Devil lye at the local grocery store. After that first batch, Dorothy was hooked. She spent a year researching, testing out recipes, ordering different oils and giving her family all the soap they could ever want to try out. In fact, today we still have the last remaining bar of that first batch of patchouli soap lovingly preserved in a shadow box that sits in the soap shop.

We remember the first time we sold the soap under our name, "O My Soap!". We set up a tent at the Murray's Mill Harvest Folk Festival in September 2001 and quickly saw how great the interest was in handmade soap, both made of goat's milk and other oils. To make our display as beautiful and natural as our soap, we lugged large (and surprisingly heavy) river rocks from Dorothy and Jim's garden, used bricks to help create a display. Needless to say, as we started attending the Farmer's Market both in Hickory and in Charlotte, our display was refined and streamlined.

After a few years, it was evident that what once was a fun hobby was blossoming into a family business. My dad, Jim, and I joined forces with Dorothy to help make O My Soap! work. Jim became the main soapmaker while I found my place designing the packaging using my background as an artist and graphic designer. A loyal following was established from the Markets and happily we made new friends out of our customers. In 2013, we officially opened our 400 square foot workshop as a retail location (See our photo album page) , inviting customers to shop and watch as we created our items.

Now, our handcrafted cold-processed soap is made in small batches with ingredients that will make your skin smile. Natural oils, exotic nut butters, essential oils, botanicals and high quality fragrance blend together in over 40 combinations to lather lusciously while moisturizing your one-of-a-kind skin. Not only do we offer handmade soap, but also other bath and body products specially formulated to pamper, soothe and calm the mind and body. Check out the Cherry Seed Soother, a natural heating pillow made from the pits of cherries and the Seven Seed Facial Serum which glides onto skin like silk and smells wonderful. O My! Lip Balm is a best-seller in Coconut Lemongrass and makes a great gift for adults and kids alike.

In June of this year (2019), my parents entrusted the business to me while they transition into retirement. I am humbled to accept this new role and want to let you know that the same quality and customer care you've been accustomed to is a standard I am committed to continue. It's truly an honor and dream to be in this place as I've seen God's hand on our business while my parents have poured their hearts into the lives of those we've met. Dorothy and Jim are still around and will be helping at the shop as we step into 2020. We thank all of our customers for their loyal following and friendship over the years.

Jennifer Samson
O My Soap!
Newton, NC


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