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2011 Marks O My Soap!'s Tenth Year

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Need a Favor?

Are you looking for a unique gift to give at a wedding, shower, party or business event? Our soap is a great way to share your appreciation for handmade products. We offer full-sized bars and half-sized bars. Jennifer would love to customize the labels by adding your logo and information to the labels.

If you're really wanting to create an impression, have Jennifer create a custom packaging solution using things such as fabric, paper, or natural materials and even personalized hand-drawn artwork. If you are interested in more information and pricing, please contact Jennifer at jennifer@omysoap.com.

Young Crafter's Workshops

We've often had people ask us if we hold soapmaking classes or have some sort of program for homeschooled children. While our workshop is still a little small to manage a soapmaking class, we've developed a few workshops that are great for ages 12 and up. We recently held a lip balm making workshop where participants were involved with the whole process of making their own lip balm. Jennifer led the small group of girls in tasks such as revising the recipe ratios using good old fashioned math (no calculators!), measuring out ingredients, learning about specific ingredients, their uses and origins and pouring their lip balm into tubes. Later, they labeled their lip balms and watched as the shrink wrap was heated and shrunk to the shape of the tube.

Other future Young Crafter's Workshops include a lavender sachet making class where participants will use a sewing maching to create their pouch, use handsewing to close it up and make a yo-yo flower to decorate the sachet. We're also working on small workshops to make other products using other techniques and skills. If you are interested in your group attending a workshop, please contact Dorothy at dorothy@omysoap.com.

2011 Marks O My Soap!'s Tenth Year

This year is a big milestone for us. It's our 10th year in business and we couldn't be more pleased. Dorothy never dreamed that the experiments in her kitchen over a decade ago would result in a thriving venture involving her husband and daughter. But here we are, still making soap, still sewing and still meeting our customers face-to-face at the farmers markets. We want to continue to make top-notch, high quality products for you and for your children and grandchildren too! We are thankful to our heavenly Father for the ability to keep going and grateful for our loyal customers who have become our friends.

This year we have several things going on. You could be one of ten winners who win Soap for a Year! Online and in person at the farmer's markets, if you purchase a winning soap, you'll know it when you remove the label (our basic soaps only). If you have a winning label, then we'll send you two bars of soap for 12 months! Good luck and don't forget to check your labels when you get your soap home! For updates, go to our Contest Page.

Soap for HopeAnother project we're working on is called Soap For Hope 2011. Each month we will feature a soap scent as our Soap-For-Hope. We are donating $1.00 per bar sold (in person only) toward a child's yearly education in Haiti. We are working with New Vision Ministries which has its beginnings in our town with Dr. Kerry Reeves and his wife Joy. Their goal is to have 100 children sponsored to attend school this upcoming year, since without funding, children have no access to education. You can be a part of changing a life yourself by sponsoring your own child through their ministry. Go to their Facebook page.

New Photos, Updated Website

Photography from J.Eckard Photography in Hickory NC

We are pleased to announce that our website has been updated with some beautiful photography from the folks at J. Eckard Photography in Hickory, North Carolina. They produced such wonderful images and were great to work with. Thank you Jon, Carmen and sweet Bertha!

Grandma Alexander's Old Fashioned Soap

Grandma Alexander's Old Fashioned SoapWe often would have people come up to our booth at farmer's markets and ask for 'lye soap'. We would then try to explain that all soap has lye in it and if someone says that there is not lye in soap, then it isn't soap but detergent (and that's no lie). Finally, after a little more questioning, we figured out what people were looking for; old timey lye soap, like Grandma used to make.

The lye soap that our kinsfolk used to make once a year was made with hog fat and lye derived from wood ash. Recipes varied from house to house, and sometimes it was heavy on the lye side. This made it a great all-purpose cleaner, although harsher to skin that some people liked. Our lye soap is made with lard, lye and water, but is not so heavy on the lye. We've found that it is a very mild skin soap and is helpful for various skin conditions such as psoraisis, eczema and acne-prone skin.

Not only can you use Grandma Alexander's Old-Fashioned Soap on your body, we suggest to try it in your washing machine too. Here's a recipe that Jennifer has been using for the past six months using our lye soap.

Liquid Laundry Soap
  • 1/2 bar of Grandma Alexander's Lye Soap - grated
  • 1/2 c. borax
  • 2 gallons of water
On low heat, dissolve grated soap in about 3 pints of water in a saucepan (enamel or stainless steel). Stir in Borax until thickened. Remove from heat and add 1 quart of hot water to a 2 gallon bucket (Find at hardware store and make sure to get a lid!). Add soap mixture and stir well. Fill the bucket with hot water and stir. Let sit for 24 hours. Stir in essential oil if desired (I use 40 drops of lavender EO).

Note: If desired, add 1/2 cup of washing soda with the Borax. Washing soda is not baking soda, but made by Arm & Hammer. I have not tried this variation to the recipe since I cannot find washing soda yet, but I will revise the above recipe if I find it and like it better.

In the News

Dorothy and Jim working on soapWe recently had the pleasure to visit with a columnist for the Charlotte Observer, Joe Depriest. Mr. Depriest contacted us after seeing a press release for the O You Dirty Dog contest and thought that there may be a nice story in the mix. A few days later a photographer for the Observer, Robert Lahser, came out to take some photos of us in action.

Dorothy and Jennifer placing soap on the curing racksThe article was first in the August 3rd edition of the Neighbors section, then was repeated the next day. What a wonderful response we've had from people who faithfully follow Depreist's stories. We couldn't be more pleased with the article and the people we've met because of it. Thanks, Joe and Robert!

Read the Charlotte Observer story (opens new window)

We Heart Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Market imagesNow is the perfect time to start visiting your local farmers' market. Not only will you be supporting your local economy with buying directly from the source, the products you purchase will be fresher and will taste better too. The prices are generally better too, because the cost is not marked up due to gas prices. Buying locally is better for you, your wallet and the community.

Today's farmers' markets are more than fresh produce. There you may find handmade crafts, home-baked goodies, fresh-cut flowers and, of course, handmade soap. Many of the markets feature entertainment, educational demonstrations and feature non-profit organiztions within the community. Going to the market is like a cultural quickstop and helps to teach our young ones about where food comes from and the importance of farmers and of conservation.

The buzzword that many markets are using also happens to be Oxford American Dictionary's 2007 Word of the Year. This word is 'locavore' or 'localvore'. The word was was coined a few years ago by a San Fransisco group of women who challenged local residents to try to eat only food grown or produced within a 100-mile radius. For those of us affected by higher gas and food prices as well as the drought, becoming more of a locavore is easier as towns create their own farmer's markets.

This year, we are attending a few more area farmers' markets. We will be at the Hickory Farmers' Market every Saturday and the Charlotte Farmers' Market most Saturdays. New this year are the Catawba Valley Farmers' Market in Newton and The Bluegrass Farmer's Market in Lenoir. Look on the front page of our site to see when we'll be attending the market nearest you.

For more information and directions to the four markets, go to our Locations page

LocalHarvest.org - Find a farmer's market near you

Foothills Fresh - Local Farms, Local Food, Local Fun in the Foothills and Piedmont of NC

Benefits of Salt

image of person walking on the beachThe benefits of salt have been known for many, many years and it has stood the test of time in our households. Besides making food flavor emerge, salt also can be used as a tooth cleanser, an excellent mouthwash, gargle for a sore throat and an effective antiseptic. And it can clean almost anything like ovens, sinks and refrigerators. It extinguishes fires, keeps flowers fresh and keeps ice off sidewalks and walkways. And the list goes on.

One area we are most interested in is how salt affects our beauty regime. Salt, especially Dead Sea salts have been known to alleviate skin diseases such as psoriasis. Coming from the Dead Sea, these salts are high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, to name a few. It's called the Dead Sea because nothing lives in it. It is some of the saltiest water anywhere in the world, almost six times as salty as the oceans! The Dead Sea is completely enclosed by land and it gets saltier with increasing depth. There's no seaweed or plants of any kind in or around the water. There are no fish of any kind swimming, nor are any creatures living in or near the water. As a matter of fact, what you'll see on the shores of the Dead Sea is white crystals of salt covering everything!

And this is no ordinary table salt either. The salts found in the Dead Sea are mineral salts, just like you find in the ocean, only in extreme concentrations. Because of such high concentration of these minerals, the salt is highly beneficial for relieving muscle tension, aches and arthritic pains, stiffness after exercising, cleaning pores, detoxifying the body, has healing affects on our skin and improves our general health. Himalayan Pink Salts have similar benefits.

Peppermint & Tea Tree Foot SoakPeppermint and Tea Tree Foot Soak

The most relaxing way to end your day. It is filled with epsom salts, dendritic salts, Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan pink salts, and the essential oils of peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus. One quarter cup of the salts in a basin of warm water is all you need to treat your feet to an evening of indulgence. Read more about peppermint in the following article.

Salt SoapSalt Soap

If you ever go to the ocean, you’ll notice that most basic skin problems disappear within a few days of being in salt water. Our salt bar does the same thing on a smaller scale. Using this soap will actually exfoliate your skin very gently, resulting in the smoothest skin ever!

Peppermint: Unveiling its Secrets

I’ve been enamored by peppermint since I was a child. Anyone remember your first peppermint candy cane at Christmas? And as we have grown, perhaps peppermint tea has entered our daily routine…along with an occasional peppermint candy. Is that all there is to that extraordinary essential oil? Hardly.

Peppermint has many uses and the list is staggering. It can ease migraines, helps clear congestion in the sinuses, it clears the mind, helps concentration, is a restorative in cases of mental fatigue and a mental stimulant. Obviously not something to have in the evening when you are seeking sleep, peppermint is great in the car to help keep the driver alert. Peppermint is the ideal remedy for all digestive disorders. It is also an aid for car or air sickness. In a massage, it helps stimulate the lymph system. Peppermint is an analgesic and aids with treating sore muscles and joint pain. In skin care, it is helpful for easing itching or irritation. Soothe those tired, achy feet with peppermint oil that can be found in lotions and foot soaks.

Peppermint & Clove Massage OilPeppermint and Clove Massage Oil

We call this a pain-relief oil for a reason. In just minutes, you will experience the gentle and tingling comfort that is created from the peppermint oil, along with warming clove, lavender, eucalyptus, marjoram and turmeric essential oils. I personally use this for my feet and legs every evening before bed. This massage oil has other uses too. There are a number of customers who love the relief they get from the itchiness due to various skin ailments. For rescue from that headache, massage a small amount on your temples.

Peppermint Sinus and Headache PillowPeppermint Sinus and Headache Pillow

This is our quick fix for that nagging morning sinus headache. Breathe in the aroma of this peppermint pillow to help naturally ease your headache. It may be stored in the freezer as a cold pack, or gently warmed in the microwave (no more than 1 minute, depending on your microwave).

Peppermint Handmade Soap

Peppermint soapStart your day a refreshing way when you use our peppermint soap in your shower. It tingles and wakes up your senses with its cooling essential oil. I use peppermint essential oil and then top it off with lots of aloe butter for some smooooth soap. No more itchy legs!!

  Disclaimer: We do not claim that our products will heal any skin condition, but the ingredients and essential oils are naturally good to your skin and make good scents. As with any product to be used on your skin, always test for skin sensitivity before using.

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