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Please email us any feedback you have about our service or products so we can continue to provide you the best we have to offer!

“We received our soap yesterday! We had previously purchased your patchouli soap a while back at the Antique place in Mooresville and we LOVED it! I am excited about the other scents, they smell amazing! I just also wanted to say I loved your packaging, the floral tissue paper and I love the soap wrappers and the bible verses! Thank you so much!”
- Charley in North Carolina

“When I have sinus headaches all I have to do is roll Be Well Essential Oil blend on my forehead or neck and it works like magic! Also, if Im having issues with congestion, I just roll a little under my nose and it opens my sinus passages! I have 4 or 5 bottles of it. Thank you!) ...”
- Kathy in North Carolina

“Also, I've been looking for a really long time for a tomato soap to replace the Burt's Bees bar I used to use, but none were ever quite right. However, yours is perfect! It smells great, and it works like a charm!”
- Mary via Internet order

“I just received your soap a few days ago and it's absolutely wonderful! The package was great, loved the bible versus on the wrappers, and the "Thank You" soap was a wonderful surprise! I am also amazed how much better my skin feels just after a few days. I just had to make another order since I gave my Mom and son the other 2 bars I ordered, lol! I just want to say Thank You, I've been very concerned about the chemicals in all of the products out there & how they will affect my family, now I don't have to worry about the soap.

I had been searching for natural soaps for my family, we have recently had a lot of issues with allergic reactions and have had to dramatically change our routine.  I'm grateful my old friend posted that picture of your soap, my son has been using the soap for 3 days now and his rash is almost gone:) ...”
- Rachelle in Nevada

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love my soap! I'm giving some away as gifts, and I'm already regretting not ordering more! Thanks so much! Amazing customer service, packaging & products as usual!”
- Stephanie via Internet order

“I bought your Tomato Soap a few weeks back during the 2013 Social Services Institute in Hickory, NC. I just wanted to say that the soap is absolutely amazing! It doesn't dry out my skin like other bar soaps I have tried.

I also purchased the Facial Toner and the Moisture Stick. They are great as well. I was so surprised that the moisture stick didn't make my face oily because I have naturally oily skin. Overall I am pleased with your line and I will be referring friends and purchasing more products online!”
- Amanda in North Carolina

“I received my order yesterday. Just wanted to say thank you. I was amazed at the care that went into packing this order!!! Simply beautiful.”
- Tammy via Internet order

“Just LOVE those [Silk Face] cloths! Ive turned on about 5 friends, my sister and my daughter to them. Thanks so much for making such a luxurious item!”
- Susan in New York

“Your lip balm surpasses ever other product I have ever used for my lips! A family friend suggested I try your lip balm after I shared that I was disgusted by the condition my lips had become using a variety of other name brand lip products...Within 48 hours [of using the lip balm] my lips were not chapped, not hurting, not peeling, and I haven't had a problem since! Your lip balm will be the only product I ever use, and I intend to spread the word to my family and friends who live nationally and internationally. Congrats to developing a product that will bring you local, national, and global success!”
- Rebekah in Hickory, NC

“Just received your headache pillow; my daughter was lying on the couch with a terrible headache. After about 15 minutes, she remarked how much it was helping and that she loved it! Thank you very much for creating a great product.”
- Teri in MA

“I just love all of your products I've tried! This will be my third order since November when I first discovered your soaps at the BlackLion in Charlotte. All of the soaps I purchased I gave away as Christmas gifts and everyone has absolutely loved them. I kept one bar for myself.

This order is a birthday gift, I wasn't sure what type of soaps she would like, so I got her the Soap Sampler. Also for her are the catnip toys (she has two cats). The tomato soap is for me of course...I can't order from you and not treat myself to something nice. :)

Thank you for having such wonderful products.”

- Bonnie in Columbia, SC

“My boyfriend and I met you yesterday at the Yorkmont Farmers' Market and bought the lemon verbena, brown mountain, and adirondack soaps. Wow, I was sure excited to try this soap. When I took a shower yesterday with the lemon verbena soap, I was so, so delighted! The soap lathered up beautifully, smelled so wonderful, and rinsed clean. Sometimes natural soaps can be filmy or they don't lather well. This soap performed marvelously. Oh, and the smell was fantastic! It left a light sweet smell on my skin, and even in the bathroom air. This morning my boyfriend showered with it, and he commented about how nice it smelled. Sure enough, it left a nice light scent on his skin. Ah, I think we have found our soap for life, and I think I know what everyone up in Michigan is getting for Christmas this year. Thank you for such a wonderful soap! I can't wait to try them all.”
- Jenna and Shane in Charlotte, NC

“My adult son is thrilled with the results of using your Salt Soap. He has been plagued by boils on his back that are very painful. Since he has been using the salt soap (about 2 weeks) they have completely cleared up! Thank you so much! I have used other things in your line including Frosty Foot balm (especially cooling and relaxing in the summertime), Tranquility massage oil (works for me as a deodorant as well as other uses), The best lip balm I've ever used(coffee butter , buttercream, and chocolate mint are ones I've tried), your bath soaps (too many wonderful fragrances to comment on!), and recently the Oatmeal facial scrub (ahhhh makes my face feel great!). I am a fan. Thanks again so much for offering a wonderful alternative to the "run of the mill" junk you get any grocery store or drug store.”
- Joy in Mt. Airy, NC

“I met you saturday and just wanted to say what a joy it was... I had one of the best Mother's Day ever and maybe it was soap that added to my enjoyment.

I love the Adirondack [soap] and can't wait to try the Softly as well as the Papaya and after seeing one of the testimonals I plan to use it on my face even though I bought it for my legs. Smells devine!...

I don't go to spas so I try and make everyday a special treatment for myself and after using your products I say thanks.”

- Jane in Charlotte, NC

“Your soaps are the best! My daughters and I have been to Farmers Markets here in Des Moines and we have not found any soaps we think compare to yours. I look forward to getting my new soaps. Thanks!”
- Cyndi in Des Moines, IA

“Just wanted to write and tell you how much I LOVE the honey oatmeal sugar scrub and the caramel orange soap. My hands turn into something inhuman during the winter all red and rough and cracked open just 3 days of using the scrub and soap (combined with some cream I already had) and my hands are human again!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do just a sniff and then a sigh and next come the smiles your products bring every time...”
- Melody in Charlotte, NC

“Any time you need a testimony let me know. I gave my 34 yr. old son the face bar and he loves it as do I. The face soap has really help my rocesea as well...which is one reason I gave it to my son. He had inherited my condition. Thank you for every thing.”
- Rita in NC

“I met you at the Charlotte Farmer's Market today. As soon as I got in my car I opened the Shea Butter Bar. I LOVE IT!! I love that it is not greasy and it smells great! I will keep this one beside my favorite chair and will need another for my purse. I also love the Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Pillow. I placed it on my chest while watching tv and love the smell, so clean and soothing. I purchased a bar of soap and can't wait to shower with it. Thanks so much for the wonderful products. I can't wait to visit your booth again.”
- Elaine in Charlotte, NC

“I purchased some of your soaps at the Hickory Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago while visiting our daughter...I really enjoy the soaps and am giving one to a friend tomorrow. People seem to love getting them and I am happy to give them because they last much longer than soap we buy in stores. My son-in-law was thrilled to find you there at the market because he goes there almost weekly to purchase cut flowers for his wife. His grandmother loved some soap he had purchased in Germany that was homemade and he had not been able to find what he wanted for her until seeing you there.”
- Darlene in AR

“I bought 3 bars of your soap and a Shea Butter product at the winery event in W. Lincoln...I love the scents...and I just had it sitting by my tub for months. We ran out of Dove soap, which my husband and I have used for years, and ended up putting a bar of O My Soap in our shower. WE LOVE IT! My husband even commented that it seems to last longer than the "grocery store soaps". Of course, we know there is no comparison.”
- Emily in Denver, NC

“Oh Dorothy, I just took a shower and used the sugar scrub, I am 59 years young and my skin feels fantastic. The size of the soap bars you sent me are GREAT... I will be ordering again. Thanks for the cute cards nice to get an extra gift. You are wonderful.”
- Louise in CT

“When I entered my freshman year of college at Gardner Webb, my mom gave me some of your O My! Travelin' Soap. Ever since that time, I have not been able to go back to a regular bar of soap while at school. I can not tell you how wonderful I find your soaps and the mess of a normal bar of soap is a thing of the past. I love your products--especially the cherry seed heating pad. At the moment I am in Nicaragua and my mom made sure to buy some of the traveling soaps from you before I left--they are the greatest things ever and I thought you might want to know that your soaps are getting some milage. (Last summer I went to Costa Rica for a month and the soap went with me, and the year before I went to Ecuador). Thanks for starting the line of O My Soap!”
- Courtney in NC

“Wow, does that package smell great.  I am leaving the box out in my room as a room freshener until I have to give it a way.  You did an excellent job [picking out a gift box]. I know this sounds strange but I would swear you knew her. She will so love that... This is like having your own personal shopper.”
- Marge in Cleveland, OH

“I have meant to e-mail you before now to tell you I really like the Papaya Soap. It is wonderful, I have been washing my face with it morning & night since I bought it. It is so emollient and feels so good. Hope it will be a permanent part of your line. Thanks for all your nice products.”
- Dianne in Newton, NC

“I just received my products today! I am loving my Buttercream lip balm. It smells amazing and feels great on my lips! The four lotion samples I got are excellent. They smell awesome and make my skin feel smooth and silky. Thanks for the soap sample and the note cards. Those were the cutest cards I have ever seen. I am so excited about washing with the soap sample. Thanks for everything! Take Care and God Bless!”
- Kadrian in Conover, NC

“I can't wait to get my order! The last time I ordered was about 6-8 months ago and my three soaps lasted that long. I love your products!”
- Paula in Harrisburg, NC

“I just received my first order from you and I love the things I have tried. I gave two of the soaps as a birthday gift in my book club and everyone wanted your website info. What impressed and thrilled me even more is that you are a fellow believer. Love where a portion of your proceeds go-we support them also. The Charlotte Farmers Market is one of my regular stops so I hope to meet you there and try more of your great products!”
- Lynne in Charlotte, NC

“I received your sweet smelling package in the mail yesterday. Thanks for your promptness and for the extras.”
- Becky in Buckhannon, WV

“Dorothy, I just had to email you to sincerely thank you for your wonderful service. I was shocked to receive my order today. I also appreciate the surprise gifts you included, thanks again. In these times, people do not spend and if they also do not get good service they do not come back. I would definitely recommend your company to friends and intend to tell people at work about your sinus/headache pillow. I love it already. You made my day.”
- Marge in Cleveland, OH

“You have a great website, very user friendly, which I love! I also like your products and plan to order more in the near future for gifts for my sisters birthday.”
- Betty in Arden, NC

“My daughter sent me some of your products for a treat and now I can't live without it and want my friends to share the joy … P.S. Keep up the good work.”
- Ann in Big Arm, MT

“Just wanted to let you know I have given away for Christmas almost all of what I have purchased from you (how many bars of soap is that? Over 75?), and am so delighted to have such lovely gifts to give, at such reasonable prices. I think that this year, gifts that are useful and get used up, and do not contribute to piles of 'stuff' that accumulates, are the ticket for these times, and your products fill the bill nicely. Also to be able to send locally-made items and know where the money is going, supporting the local economy, is also important, and handmade, besides all that! You all are great, and my friends are delighted with the gifts from your shop, and I wish you all the best success and happiness in the upcoming year. Merry Christmas.”
- Karen in Chapel Hill, NC

“About a month or so ago, with help from your family, I found soap I can use despite my long list of allergens (O My Face & O Baby Mine). I've been using them regularly and I just love them. Thank you so much for making such great products!”
- Lori in Tega Cay, SC

“We're totally hooked on your brown sugar butter scrub! I can't find any soap that treats my skin better or is more affordable. Even when money is tight, taking good care of our skin is just not something we want to cut corners with. Thanks to you, we don't have to.”
- Amy in Flintstone, GA

“I bought a bar of the Salt Soap about 3 weeks ago. I used the last if that bar over the weekend. I love that soap! I had a small area rash that just would not go away. I had even received a prescription cream, which did not resolve the problem. I started showering with the Salt Soap and within a couple of days the rash completely cleared up. I am convinced it is the healing benefits of salt or perhaps some of the oils that were key in clearing up this annoying condition. In addition to that fact I love the way my skin feels afterwards. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. My son and daughter in-law introduced me to your product. I am a new fan!”
- Paula in Charlotte, NC

“I used the Banana Soap tonite. I love it. I have been looking for another banana soap maker for awhile. The gal I was buying from stopped making it. Yours is much better, and much better fragranced!”
- Rosa in Star City, AR

“It was so much fun opening our shipment from you this evening. As soon as we cracked the seal, all those wonderful fragrances drifted out into the room! Thank you for the added goodie of the Apple & Lavender soap well have to remember to order the full-sized bar next time.”
- Beth in Matthews, NC

“I especially love the scrub you make. When I went into the hospital to deliver, I took the last scrub you gave me. It feels really good on my feet, which in fact are feeling tired these days.”
- Tara in Hudson, FL

“Hi Dorothy, since buying your soap at the Charlotte Farmer's market, my skin feels and looks really good. My husband loves it too. Thanks for making such a great product.”
- Shawn in Mooresville, NC

“Thanks!!... My husband is on a medication that severly dries his lips out- and your lip balm does wonders!! And it is so large- he never misplaces it!”
- Jennifer in Concord, NC

“I received the pillows. They are beautiful! Thank you so much.”
- Lynda in Salt Lake City, UT

“Dorothy, the teal fabric is perfect! Thank you for the extra effort to find a color I'd like. When I opened the box, the scent was wonderful. Thanks, also, for the free soap cube. Thanks for your great service.”
- Ellen in Gainesville, FL

“I received the package yesterday and thank you so much for shipping so fast! I saw it sitting on the porch when I pulled into the driveway. It smelled so good and smelled better when I opened it. I have just left it on the counter opened up so I can go by and sniff and make my house smell good! Thank you so much.”
- Karen in Newberry, FL


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